To the tiny handful of followers I have, hi there~ To everyone else... same to you.

Feel free to call me Ves; I'm a nocturnal college student who rarely sees the sun save for when required to go to class. =D This is my personal blog and I tend to just reblog whatever I like or things I agree with. Usually you'll just find a whole pile of Pokemon, Aion, and other such randomness. On occasion I reblog things to show to friends who don't have a tumblr themselves, thus the seemingly random things on here as well.

Not sure what else to say in an about me section. .__. I'll listen to just about any kind of music in whatever languages, love Halloween (...but not the excessively scary and gory sort), I draw a lot but never post my randomness on Tumblr, I roleplay and have met some of my best friends through doing so, and should anyone upset them, I will eat that persons face. =) ...usually in a restrained, calm and dignified way. ...or perhaps literally. Who knows~

I play Aion on Siel as an Asmodian and Tiamat as Elyos~

On Tera I'm on Celestial Hills, with a few characters on Ascension Valley.

On Guild Wars 2, I'm on Tarnished Coast, quietly stalking Faryen. Or being stalked by her. I can't really tell.

I play Lord of the Rings Online on Brandywine. Yeeee wiiiine. ...Just don't touch the keg.

3DS Friend Code is 1177 - 8204 - 3776. I think. I have Pokemon Y and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I have Pokemon X, but haven't started it quite yet. I have a Normal-type Friend Safari with Lillipup, Minccino, and Ditto. =)

TSV: 3255 (Y) / 2529 (X)

Background is from pokemonpalooza. ^^


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